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Australia has legislation that protects international students that you should know. It is called the (ESOS) Education Services for Overseas Students framework. The Australian government is commited to giving international students a quality educational experience while they are in the country, and the above legislative framework is the construct used by them to do it.

So, what is in the legislation?

Here are some of the more important clauses in the framework for you to know:
All Australian universities that take international students are legally bound to adhere to the legislation.

As an international student you will be refunded your money or put into another course if the institution you are studying at defaults on a course.
All marketing material you receive from the institution you are studying at maust be accurate in relation to all aspects of student life at the particular education provider. In simple terms: they cannot lie to you about any aspect of student life.
Before being confirmed as a student at an education institution in Australia you must be supplied with the following material: the content of the course (course material) / the duration of the course / the qualification you will be attaining after successful completion / system of assessment and teaching methods / English language requirements / pre-requisites for entry into the course / course materials / fees / facilities / student support services and any other relevant material that the prospective student may need to complete the material.

It is good personal policy to get in touch with the International Student Support Services when you come to Australia to study. They are there to help you with all your needs while you are studying and are on your side.

As part of the ESOS legislation, education providers through the organ of the International Student Support Services are required to assist international students in adjusting to life in Australia. The ESOS legislation requires education providers to assist international students achieve their learning goals and give appropriate information on: orientation / academic progress / and further study options.


It is not a stretch to conceive the possibility of problems arising as an international student studying at an Australian university. The ESOS legislation provides an arbitration process for you to embark on if problems do arise at any time during your academic career.

But, the first place to start is to try and deal with it by discussing your grievances with education provider, and if that does not work you can get assistance from the International Student Support Services at you education provider. The ESOS framework allows for prompt and independent resolution processes for both parties involved in the dispute where you can access a nominee of your choice to state your case.


As stated before, the ISS is a good place to familiarize yourself when you start at the education provider. The ISS will help you with many of the aspects of Australian life that you will have to familiarize yourself with as you navigate the country. The ISS will help you with banking, accommodation, and other relevant issues. So introduce yourself when you get to the education provider. The ISS also has student counselors who are paid to help you get what you need as you encounter Australian student life.


All Australian institutions offer students with disabilities the opportunity to achieve their educational goals and as an international student with a disability this should be no different.

International students with a disability or a chronic medical condition have the right to appropriate the following services and more if they need to.
These include: voice recognition services, hearing aids and note taking services.

I would encourage international students to get the ESOS legislation framework so you know what your rights and obligations are. And to get in touch with your AA Educational Agent as they ar4e a valuable resource and can be contacted at anytime during the day or night via email. So build an effective network of support around yourself so you can have a quality educational experience while you are in the country.

Study in Australia

AA Education Network offers a unique independent service providing support and unlimited advice on studying, living and working in Australia free of charge. Helping you make your education choices on your unique journey as an international student and following up with sound advice based on knowledge and experience AA Education offers an extensive range of services before, after and during your stay in Australia.

Education in Australia

Australian universities boast an international reputation for excellence in a broad range of globally relevant fields of study at undergraduate and post graduate levels including agriculture, commerce, health sciences, law, mathematics, information technology, visual and performing arts, communication, medicine and sciences. Located in all state capitals and larger rural centres, each university offers its own cultural experience as diverse as the land itself from ANU in the heart of Canberra to the post Modern campus of Macquarie University, offering unlimited opportunities to develop and grow.

Vocational and educational training in Australia offers practical and career oriented options based on the needs of industry. Hospitality, property management, business courses and graphic design are a few examples of the type of courses offered by vocational training institutions. Each course is developed in close consultation with the appropriate industry providing distinctly relevant training.

Schools in Australia offer a dynamic and interactive approach to secondary education developing confidence and interpersonal skills. The wide variety of schools available offer diversity of individual preference while maintaining consistent levels of achievement. All secondary schools in Australia teach English, mathematics, technology, arts and science and offer other pathways to other higher learning facilities as required.

English language courses are available to suit the needs of the individual. Whatever your level of English, English language training programs are designed with the use of the language in mind from general conversational to academic levels. Living in Australia gives one the opportunity to put that education to good use and to improve.

The opportunities offered through an Australian education are only limited by individual preference depending on ones own cultural, recreational or educational needs and desires, an opportunity to enrich your life with ongoing support is available. AA Education can provide the support and advice covering all aspects of a move to Australia for study and work experience from the study planning stage to the actual journey and visa requirements, to seeking permanent accommodation while studying.

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